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A Sideways Look At Classical Dressage - Harrowing Technology!

Hello everybody! I hope you are keeping well in these strange times.

Alice and I have been busy over the last couple of weeks. I turned 40 (I know, I don't look a day over 50) so I decided to treat myself to an online lesson with Vroni. This sounds like great fun and so simple right? Wrong! First, there was the problem of the school. The current surface is mud and it dried like the surface of the moon, so something had to be done about it. No problem, Alice came with a harness and a set of harrows so we could just harrow it flat. Well, we managed it in the end and it came up lovely, but it took a few tries!

Here are before and after videos of day one of harrowing. And a photo of Alice in her harness.

And the finished product:

So that was the easy bit! After a bit of tree surgery on the tree at letter C, we were hot to trot. It turned out, a bit more tree surgery was required. I set up the leaning tower of pallets to put the camera and tripod on so we could get as much of the school in the frame as possible, pressed 'record' and off we went. On the whole, the recording session went quite well apart from getting caught up in the blasted tree but the exciting bit was yet to come - uploading the videos so Vroni can give feedback. It's taken me a week to work it out! You should know that writing blog posts and sharing them is the pinnacle of my technical expertise. Dividing a video into 3 sections and uploading it to a private audience on YouTube was like rocket science to me! I think I've managed it now and sent the invite today, so I'll keep you posted on the feedback. I'm not making the videos public as I don't want to be responsible for people getting laughter stitches when I get caught in that wretched tree! Before I record my corrections video I must get that saw out again.

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